Revolutionary Latin

Dr. Christopher Perrin

Latin has been increasingly recognized as a vital part of being a well-educated man or wom­an. Still, many people are puzzled by the buzz about Latin and want to know just why signif­icant study of Latin is worth the effort. Why not just study Latin word roots instead of com­mitting to a full study of the Latin language? In this seminar, Dr. Perrin dives deeper than the traditional answers given for studying Latin (better SAT scores, increased vocabulary, prepa­ration for professional study, preparation for learning the Romance languages) and explores and demonstrates the profound ways Latin can enrich one’s humanity and revolutionize virtually all learning.

Ten Thousand Times and Then...

Andrew Pudewa

This Japanese proverb encapsulates a discipline quite foreign to our Western way of thinking. We are happier with "Try, try again" or "Third time's a charm." How can we engender in ourselves and in our students a love of diligence that transforms the "daily grind" of study and repetition into a joyful pursuit of excellence?

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